Rowing returned to Ebchester for the first time in 40 years with the generous help of Hexham Rowing Club, who provided two boats and lots of expertise. Villagers tried their hand at rowing on the River Derwent, bringing back an activity which was at one time the social focus of the village.

For almost 100 years until the 1970s Ebchester Amateur Rowing Club hosted regattas on the River Derwent at regular intervals. Nowadays the river is used mainly for kayaking and canoeing.

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The Ebchester Boathouse Development Partnership plans to replace the existing boathouse and to provide new facilities to help more people enjoy water sport on the river. The idea of the Open Day, in September, was to entice more people to row on the Derwent.

The chairman, Iain Knox, said: ”Rowing is an amazing part of Ebchester’s heritage and bringing it back is great; it would be such a shame for us to lose it completely again. It is an ideal stretch of water for beginners and we want to use it more.’’

Catherine Bockett said: ”Hexham Rowing Club is very keen to bring new rowers in on an ongoing basis, and runs regular Learn to Row courses. The stretch of the Derwent River at Ebchester might well be a good training ground for novices.’’

Ebchester Boathouse and the adjacent Westwood are owned by the National Trust. The Partnership is grateful to the Trust for supporting the project and helping to organise the event.

More information can be found on the Boathouse page and
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