Canoeing and Kayaking

The river Derwent at Ebchester is first recorded as an ideal location for boating activity in 1872 when the first rowing boat was kept at Ebchester, under some trees. Shortly after that, in 1876, the Ebchester  Rowing Club was established.  The club was to flourish for almost 100 years but was dissolved in 1974 when national interest in rowing waned.

The boathouse, the third to have been built by the club, remained but was neglected until 1981 when the 5th Tyne Sea Scouts brought the building back into use. Since then the scouts have continued the tradition of water activities on the river.  Today the river is used regularly for canoeing and kayaking by the Scouts, Consett YMCA, schools and several other organisations, including those providing for people with special needs.  

Canoeing, with canoes or kayaks, is a great way to stay fit and healthy. Even the most leisurely paddle will give you a good aerobic workout.

The calm water at Ebchester is an ideal location to try out the activity, to practice your skills, or to just meander along absorbing the natural environment.

Canoeing is a recreational activity which can be taken up by people of all abilities, including people with special needs.

It is also one of the most accessible and sociable sports in the UK; with something for every age, ability and pace of life. The great thing about canoeing is it’s open and welcoming to everyone.

For more information about these sports see  British Canoeing

In April 2019 Ebchester Boat Club was brought back to life and offers great opportunities in both paddling and rowing. Please visit our facebook page for the latest information