Dancercise Ebchester Apr 2017Dancing for Physical & Mental Health

Dancercise allows us to dance without inhibition, without needing to perfect “the steps”, which means you can jump in from Day 1 and achieve a satisfying workout. You are encouraged to listen to your body, and feel free to express what really makes you unique! Such a challenge is made easier with the hand-picked, eclectic playlist which gets energy and co-ordination flowing. Choreography is easy to follow and provides a dynamic full body workout whether you choose a low or high impact level. The class has two main aims:

1) Improving our functional performance in the real world. The first step is to actively strengthen and stabilise the body with appropriate engagement of the core (more on this in class!). From here we develop control, balance, rhythm, flexibility and range of motion. Teaching techniques are clear and consistent, encouraging a mindful approach, so that our innate physical/emotional intelligence (awareness of how we move, feel and think) is continually building strength from the inside-out.

2) The class also seeks to significantly improve mental health and well-being. As well as the lovely endorphin rush you will experience, with time you will build confidence, learn to stand up for yourself and step into the world with great posture and an irrepressible smile! For those who have come to my classes a bag of nerves, frustrated at their lack of co-ordination, they have learned that it is a motor skill (which we can easily practise and improve), and is often down to self-confidence. When spurred on in the right environment, your dancing will soon express itself! When someone has faith in us, and we find ourselves a place to feel the music and to just get moving, we begin to trust our natural ability to dance about. Everyone welcome.

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