Regretably the Monday class has been withdrawn due to unforseen circumstances.  The Tuesday class continues as scheduled
An exercise class to transform your body AND fill your heart with joy!

The accessiblPicture4 hle format enables us to jump straight in for a whirl through some exciting times & places with the best of dance influences from charleston to glam-rock, latin carnival to jazz, bhangra to ballet (to name some).   There is no Right, no Wrong; as long as we tune in to what our bodies are telling us, we can connect with the music and head any stress off at the door. The multi-directional movement involved means we’re achieving a full body workout, whilst strengthening important functional aspects of the body, for enhanced everyday performance.  You will learn to harness your core power to stabilise and strengthen both body & mind, whilst improving rhythm, balance, and co-ordination, core strength, joint health, and a freer range of motion.

Choreography is easy to follow and designed to provide great variety of movement in both upper and lower body (or choose just one or the other if you’re easing your way in). No one is left behind either, just in case you’re new to dance.  Options are suggested so that individuals can work at levels which suit them. Many new participants are wary of lacking co-ordination, but please do not worry! The class encourages trust in one’s natural ability to move to music.

The hand-picked retro/global soundtrack guarantees to lift and inspire to get the energy and co-ordination flowing.  Each session concludes with a grounding cool-down & stretch section.

Our Monday morning class is slightly more up-tempo than Tuesday evening’s, however lower-intensity options are given in both classes.  Come along and see for yourself this year; we are a very friendly group, and everyone is welcome!




What to wear: something cool/flexible. Trainers or similar advisable.  Bring water to stay hydrated.

Suitable for all levels of fitness and ability.

Drop-in Sessions £5.

Enquiries to Dawn: